3 Must-Have Sport Foot wears for Men

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This is the most important equipment for running, the pair of shoes. Comfort, cushioning, lightness, flexibility, stability, all these parameters will have an impact on your performance. You must take into account each of these criteria to choose the pair that best suits your needs. It is also necessary to choose your brand of shoes carefully, there are dozens of them but each one has its own particularities.


In general, the choice is made according to the outside temperature: trousers in winter and shorts in summer. But it’s also a question of feeling during the stride, some prefer to wear shorts despite the 0 degrees outside.

Socks :

Depending on the frequency and duration of your training and races, you should not choose the same type of socks. For shorter outings, you are free to choose between the different models of sports socks, the important thing is to be comfortable and to avoid friction in the shoe. On the other hand, for long distance races, compression socks are preferred. Compression sleeves improve muscle oxygenation, you will recover faster.


Against the wind, the rain or the cold, it will be your best friend. There are different models but it is advisable to choose the most antiperspirant model possible.


As with the windbreaker, choose an antiperspirant and comfortable model.

Running belt:

This is a must for carrying water, your personal effects, an energy bar, etc. Today there are models that are not bulky, you will not notice its presence during your training sessions. ‘coaching.

Shopping bag:

For longer outings, beyond 1h30, the shopping bag is preferred. You can take more things and there is often a supply system for water.

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