5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding Cake


Like any other task, selecting a cake can rapidly become distressing if not properly prepared. It is common for couples to make errors with their after-dinner dessert, such as ignoring their own personal preferences or overwhelming visitors with an abundance of flavours. Following are the most common wedding cake blunders to avoid, as well as potential solutions for avoiding the same hazards.

Using Social Media Alone as a Source of Inspiration

Wedding Cake

While social media is an excellent source of wedding inspiration, problems arise when you disregard your own wedding aesthetic. Even if you like a confection you observed on a baker’s Instagram page, that does not mean it will complement your modern and minimalist event. Instead of recreating an online cake, choose a design that complements your invitations, tablescapes, dress, and other décor elements.

Selecting Excessive Flavours

There are so many distinct flavours to choose from that you may be compelled to include them all. However, a salted caramel, key lime, and chocolate confection will only drag down service. The greater the number of flavours, the longer it will take to cut and disperse them among the servers. And you would have very little of one cake in comparison to the other cakes. To maximise efficiency and provide a touch of variety, she suggests choosing no more than two flavours.

Avoiding Colour

Similarly, colour is an essential element of wedding cake design that many couples overlook. Most couples choose white, but experimenting with various hues can elevate your reception if done properly. A coloured cake that complements the overall aesthetic can elevate the cake and make a bold statement. If you do not wish to cover every tier in vibrant hues, add a splash of colour through floral accents, piping, or a cake topper.

Serving the Incorrect Size

Before choosing the number of tiers, consider the number of wedding guests. A five-tier cake for a modest gathering of 60 people is not only excessive but will also result in a significant amount of dessert waste. Choosing a smaller cake can help to highlight intricate decorations, such as bursting or sugar flowers, and reduce the overall cost.

Similarly, a single-tier cake will not suffice for an event with 300 or more loved ones, as not everyone will be able to take a slice. Keep in mind that the catering service will serve smaller and slimmer portions of cake the less you order. Invest in a multitiered cake or serve several smaller cakes for large weddings to ensure that everyone is nourished.

Attempting to Satisfy Everyone

Although it is important to consider your visitors, it is not necessary to accommodate everyone’s opinions and preferences. Remember that this is your day, so choose the style and flavour that you prefer. People will ultimately be eager to try an unconventional flavour because it is the couple’s favourite, or they will enjoy a nontraditional design, particularly if it complements the overall aesthetic or demonstrates personality. If any of your family or guests have dietary restrictions, supplement the primary dessert option with an allergen-friendly cake.

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