Choosing Safe Sun Protection: SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road Mineral Sunscreen


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun is often a neglected aspect of our skincare routine. However, with the introduction of SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road sunscreen,  safeguarding your skin has never been easier or more effective. This article explores this sunscreen’s key features and benefits, making it the go-to choice for individuals of all ages and skin types.


Safe and Effective for All:

Brigade Road natural mineral sunscreen is crafted with GRASE I, a non-nano zinc mineral, ensuring its safety for everyone, including pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Sheer Sunscreen Magic:

Brigade Road pregnancy safe sunscreen comes to the rescue for those wary of mineral sunscreens due to the notorious white cast. Its superior sheer finish offers invisible and invincible protection, catering to individuals who desire effective sun protection without the undesirable white residue.

Tailored for Men:

Men, especially those with facial hair, often face challenges regarding sunscreen application. Brigade Road sunscreen is the perfect solution, as it seamlessly blends into the skin without showing up at the borders of the beard, eyebrows, or hairline.

Gentle for Young Babies:

The absence of chemical filters makes this sunscreen gentle enough for young babies above 6 months. Parents can trust the high natural content of Brigade Road sunscreen to provide reliable sun protection without worrying about exposing delicate skin to harmful chemicals.

Long-lasting Water Resistance:

 With a water resistance of up to 6 hours, Brigade Road sunscreen suits individuals who find it challenging to reapply sunscreen frequently. This feature ensures extended protection, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities.

Versatile Application:

Brigade Road sunscreen caters to a wide audience by being suitable for all skin types and versatile in its application. Users can liberally apply it indoors or outdoors to the face, neck, and body, ensuring comprehensive protection.

No Mutagenic Ingredients:

In adherence to the principles of green chemistry, SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road is free from mutagenic ingredients. This makes it an ideal choice for those with a history of cancer, promoting a safer approach to skincare.

Non-comedogenic for Indian Skin:

Understanding the unique concerns of Indian skin, this sunscreen is non-comedogenic and provides UVA coverage to protect against premature aging. This thoughtful formulation aligns with the diverse needs of individuals with varying skin types.

Makeup Compatibility:

Brigade Road SAFESCREEN® is makeup-friendly, allowing users to integrate it into their beauty routines seamlessly. This sunscreen can be applied before makeup application, ensuring a smooth transition to the next step in your beauty regimen.

Free from Harmful Additives:

Brigade Road is the best mineral sunscreen that stands out for its simplicity. It is free from silicones, parabens, and perfumes, making it a clean and straightforward choice for individuals who prefer skincare products without unnecessary additives.

In conclusion, the SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road sunscreen is a reliable companion for those seeking comprehensive sun protection without compromising on safety or comfort. Its versatile features make it suitable for individuals of all ages and skin types. As we embrace a sun-smart lifestyle, choosing Brigade Road SAFESCREEN becomes a simple yet impactful step towards healthier and happier skin.

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