Popular Makeup Styles

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Makeup has long been considered an art. An integral part of fashion and style, makeup styles come and go according to fashion trends; some remain popular even decades after first becoming fashionable. Here we explore some of the most acclaimed celebrity makeup looks and those popularized by beauty influencers.

Makeup Styles

The Classic Look

The classic makeup style has long been popular, dating back decades. This look features an effortless base, thick eyebrows, neutral eyeshadows and either red or nude lips for an eye-catching finish. Perfect for any event and outfit choice – celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe popularized this timeless trend and it continues to remain fashionable today.

The Smokey Eye A popular makeup style known as the smokey eye features dark, smudged eyeshadow and eyeliner applied over top of one another for an impactful nighttime look. Perfect for events like nightclub nights out or special occasions like concerts, this look has been popularized by celebrity figures like Kim Kardashian who are well known for sporting dramatic smokey eyes.

The Natural Look

Natural makeup style aims to enhance natural beauty. This trend takes a minimalistic approach, featuring neutral eyeshadows, light foundation, and nude lips – an increasingly popular look among celebrities like Alicia Keys who has expressed her preference for this natural style of makeup application.

The Bold Lip

A bold lip is a makeup style featuring bright, eye-catching lip colors. Ideal for adding a pop of color to any ensemble and complementing minimalist eye makeup looks, celebrity advocates Rihanna and Taylor Swift have long championed bold lips as a trend that remains popular today.

Makeup is an art that has evolved over time, offering many styles for you to explore and choose from – whether your aesthetic is classic, smokey eyed, natural or bold lip; there is sure to be one suitable to you!

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