70 trendy ideas for choosing the right wedding cake


Often the most anticipated part of the meal for young and old, the wedding cake gives rise to all the madness and lends itself to artistic prowess. Indeed, the traditional wedding cake has evolved a lot in recent years to give way to wedding cakes , naked cakes or even a wide variety of original desserts. Take a look at our gallery of the best wedding cake trends, it’s sure to make your mouth water! To be sure that your wedding cake meets all your expectations both in taste and appearance, follow our 5 tips for choosing it well.

Step 1. Consider the budget

Step 2. Know the different types of cakes possible


As you know, the budget determines  the preparations for your wedding, and the same goes for the cake. Depending on the type of wedding cake you choose and the number of professionals involved in its preparation, its price will vary significantly.

First, get closer to your caterer or your place of reception , it is not uncommon for them to also take care of this service. However, you can call on an independent pastry chef or confectioner. Be careful, the site of your wedding can nevertheless oppose it if it covers this service.

In addition, quality at a price, and depending on the type of wedding cake and the reputation of the provider chosen, the costs will be higher or lower. By defining your general budget , keep 5 to 7 euros per guest for dessert. The price of a wedding cake varies between 500 and 1000 euros for 100-200 guests Obviously, the cost also depends on the number of floors and the composition of your cake. For example, if you decide to add fresh flowers, drawings, gold leaf… All this requires more work and can considerably increase the final sum.

To lighten the cost of your wedding cake somewhat, consider making it yourself. Yes, the DIY trend is still present and will allow you to make big savings on your wedding dessert. So for the most talented among you, for those who have the soul of a true pastry chef, amaze your guests by creating your own custom-made cake! Ask your mother/grandmother for help, consult your pastry chef, and find a multitude of wedding cake recipes on the Internet to make the wedding cake in your image.

Step 2. Know the different types of cakes possible

Among the cakes that are popular today, we find timeless ones such as fondant or the cake . However, other avant-garde or vintage variants are appearing in buffets and seem to be already adopted by our future bride and groom. Non-exhaustive list of the most trendy

The cake: French class

Very tall and very elegant, the wedding cake is the favorite wedding dessert of the French! With cream puffs, glazed with caramel or fruit, it is the classic wedding cake par excellence. More revisited, we discover mounted pieces in different shapes and colors, decorated with flowers, pearls, fruits, etc…

Photos mounted parts

Advantage : who says traditional cake, says affordable budget. Count on average €3 per guest for a classic cake.

The wedding cake: American originality

Straight from Anglo-Saxon countries, the wedding cake is more and more popular in France. It is in particular its originality that has won over brides and grooms all over the world. Indeed, it can take different forms and adapts easily to any type of wedding. Among the different models of wedding cakes, the most trendy are:

The naked cake. Its vintage style is reminiscent of the homemade cakes of yesteryear. Without garnish or coating, a true ode to nature, it is generally decorated only with fresh fruit or flowers .

Rainbow  cake. Soft shades, mixtures of tones and color dress her dress with a purity and a precious mysticism. Watercolor is a type of paint diluted in water that gives a feeling of lightness and evokes the wildest nature.

The ruffle cake. Roses, arabesques and other waves, the shape of its meringue is unique and very elegant. This result obtained after meticulous work is a real delight for both the palate and the eyes!

Advantage : perfect for a modern wedding, the wedding cake can be easily declined to leave room for your creativity. Your budget will be the only limit! Count an average of €6 per guest for this type of dessert.

The fake cake: for even more choice

The fake cake option is also increasingly common. As the name suggests, this is a fake cake, only meant to be cut by the bride and groom as tradition  dictates if the bride and groom have chosen to serve sweets to their guests for dessert. Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolate fountain or ice cream, the alternatives are numerous.

Advantage : by choosing the option of wedding desserts you will ensure that all your guests have “their share of the cake”.

You will understand, nowadays, there are a wide variety of options for your cake. You must take into account, on the one hand, the external appearance that you want to give to the latter, and on the other hand, the filling that it will have. The possibilities and varieties of flavors are endless, so have fun creating the most beautiful wedding cake that suits you.

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