Choosing a diamond solitaire ring cannot be improvised.?


In one of our articles, we have already talked about the good reasons for choosing a diamond solitaire ring. Today, we think it is important for you to know the specific characteristics of this type of ring well so that you can choose the one that suits you, especially if your choice has fallen on a solitaire diamond wedding ring.

The diamond solitaire: a true symbol of love that is not new

A diamond solitaire wedding ring is certainly a very precious jewel, but its value is also found in its history. If the wedding ring has a history that goes back a long way, the real ring set with a single precious stone appeared towards the end of the 15th century. Since then, things have evolved and so have wedding rings, including the setting of a diamond on the ring. The success was such that many variants have emerged until today where jewelers compete in imagination to create sumptuous solitaire diamond rings . For example, now the diamond solitaire is surrounded by other smaller diamonds: this is the famous diamond solitaire ring.shouldered, also called “accompanied diamond solitaire”.

How to choose the right diamond for your wedding ring?

The choice is usually defined by the wedding ring budget, but if this is not an obstacle for you, you can choose the number of carats and the size of your gemstone without any problem.. The larger it is, the more beautiful the ring will be. Regarding the shape of the diamond, to enhance it more, you can choose the way it is cut. That is to say, what shape will the diamond be set on your ring. With the help of your jeweler, choose between round, cushion, pear, oval, heart, baguette, radiant, emerald, princess, marquise, etc. If the size of your diamond allows it, you can even opt for mixed shapes. The same should be true for the smaller stones in a shouldered diamond solitaire wedding band, but the final choice is yours. As for the setting technique, your artisan jeweler will be of good advice to you to find the one that will best enhance your diamond solitaire .

Choose the best metal for your diamond solitaire ring

Whether you have a custom-made diamond solitaire ring created or choose from those that are already available at your jeweler, the choice of metal for the ring is also very important. If you favor quality and purity, opt for the most precious metal in jewelry: platinum. The extraordinary clarity and whiteness of this metal will sublimate your solitaire diamond. On the other hand, if you put more importance in the harmonization of colors, gold offers you this possibility. From yellow gold to white gold, via rose gold, it’s up to you to choose the color that suits you. As for the quality of gold, it is known, because it is classified among the undeniably precious metals.

Finally, know that whatever metal you choose, your ring can have the design you want. You will thus obtain a diamond solitaire ring that has no equal.

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